" We make a living by what we get.
We make a life by what we give. "


Friends of Hope International, Inc was founded by Esteban Almonte, Carmen L. Fernandez & Liony Batista. Having worked in humanitarian disaster relief, project development and the collaboration of sustainable projects in Latin America and the Caribbean, Mr. Batista, Mrs. Fernandez & Mr. Almonte felt the need to work independently with a group of like-minded individuals to help empower others to forge their way out of poverty.

Our organization has been created to work with vulnerable and at-risk youth in Latin America and the Carribean; provide food asistance to impoverished communities and create self-sustainable animal husbandry, agricutlure and technical projects which would provide a source of income and empower people to move forward. We work primarily through local churches and humanitarian organizations. We also provide GIK donations to more than 300 beneficiaries throughout latin america and the caribbean.

We Organize, supervise and provide logistics for humanitarian mission trips to Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Belize, Bahamas, Uruguay, Peru, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Uganda, Canada and United States.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower youth and communities through development, primarily in Latin America. We design and implement projects and programs to help individuals and communities become self-sufficient.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a world without poverty by helping individuals and communities become self-sufficient.

Board of Directors

Esteban Almonte:

Esteban Almonte is the Executive Director and Outreach Trainer at Friends of Hope International. As Executive Director, Esteban partners with corporations and non-profits who share his philanthropic vision in helping the less fortunate. Esteban has developed several outreach projects and secured in-kind assistance and supply donations from community-based, religious institutions such as the Catholic Church within impoverished communities throughout the Dominican Republic, Haiti, United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Cuba. He has also collaborated with outreach organizations such as Food for the Poor, Feed My Starving Children, Missions. ME and Cross International, among others to provide food, water, housing and essential personal health supplies. When not attempting to reshape the world in a more positive fashion, Esteban enjoys going to Church, Reading Books, Listening to Music and watching Baseball.

Liony Batista:

Liony Batista is a VP, speaker and author. He is currently the Vice President and Secretary of Friends of Hope International. He is part of an international network of organizations serving the poor in several countries, working with projects and in-kind assistance to orphanages and impoverished communities in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Uganda. He has also collaborated with larger organizations such as Food for the Poor, Feed My Starving Children, Pelican Praying Missions, International Aid, and Cross International, among others. He is the author of The Journey: Daily Devotionals for Practical Living by Xulon Press, 2003. His latest book, Renewing the Vision was published July, 2014. His poems have appeared in numerous journals, including The Connecticut Poetry Review, Footprints, and Black Bear Review, among others.

Carmen Fernandez:

Carmen Fernandez currently serves as the Vice President and Treasurer of Friends of Hope International. Mrs. Fernandez manages an operational budget of $500k and directs all fundraising activities while partnering with the prominent religious and outreach organizations. Utilizing savvy negotiation skills and a proven sales background spanning over 30 years, Carmen has successfully approached various corporations such as Johnson and Johnson for monetary donations and essential products. Within her role at Friends of Hope, she travels to poverty-stricken countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Belize and Ecuador to cultivate enduring relationships with in-country institutions like the Catholic Church to assist with their humanitarian efforts to provide housing and personal health supplies to communities in need. In her spare time, Carmen enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, traveling the world and furthering her education.

Nidia Bustamante:

Nidia Bustamante is a Director on the Board of Directors of Friends of Hope International. As a Director of this Organization her role is to help the less fortunate Families in Spain, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Peru by Securing the necessary funds to assist them with Food, Medicine, Clothing and Housing. Nidia was born in Colombia and comes from a very humble family, she is Charismatic, Loving and Sweet. She enjoys attending her local church and participating in the activities of her community. Her greatest passion is helping children and the elderly. In her free time she likes listening to music, dancing and meditation.

Daniel Sanchez:

Daniel Sanchez was born in Colombia and comes from a humble family. He is charismatic, funny and has always cared about the welfare of others. Daniel is a Director on the Board of Directors of Friends of Hope International. He works in Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Mexico giving Food Services, Medicine, Housing and even the shirt off his back because giving is his passion. Daniel is also a web developer, designer, musician, composer and philanthropist. In his free time he enjoys playing guitar, singing, traveling and meeting new people.

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