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Stop Human Trafficking

January 2023 has been proclaimed “National Human Trafficking Prevention Month”

There are estimated to be more than 27.6 million people (adults and children) subjected to human trafficking around the world and 63% of those are women who are sold for exploitation.

Friends of Hope International has made this cause a priority, as so many encountered in our outreach efforts are at a higher risk of being victimized. Donations are being allocated to comprehensive health care, prevention education and psychological assistance, as well as the augmented awareness of male victims of human trafficking, for which services in many countries remain inadequate.

We are empowered by our donors and remain committed to expanding our work at their service.

Thank you

Delivering Hope

It’s the fourth week of the new year and Friends of Hope is on the ground in Dominican Republic, preparing 1,000 boxes of joy to distribute to children in 5 barrios.

If you’re a first-time visitor or a long-time friend, we invite you to join us in this mission. Everything is of value. No amount is too small. Together we can continue to bring hope and relief to those who need it most. A special thank you to our partners in this rewarding work. We are nothing without you.

Crisis in Haiti

Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, has come to a near standstill. A coalition of gangs has seized control of the fuel terminals, a cholera outbreak has sickened more than 850,000, clean water is scarce and an estimated million people are starving.

The suggestion by several nations (including the U.S.) to intervene, by sending in a "multinational rapid action force" to free the fuel and essential supplies from the grip of the gangs has stalled, and the imposition of sanctions is now the interim solution as the U.N. seeks support for a more severe intervention.

While the distress call has captured the attention of the world, and the task of restoring security is the primary goal of the United Nations, volunteers at Friends of Hope in Dominican Republic (who shares a border with Haiti) are on the ground, mobilizing resources to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis, just miles away.

At this time, we are focusing our attention on reaching safe points of entry for the handoff of supplies; including but not limited to food, water and first aid. As such, we have officially added Haiti to the list of countries we support. Your donations at this time are critical to the preservation of life and survival, in a country that is in peril. Thank you for your attention to this matter and for your continued dedication to those in need.

Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian’s devastating landfall has left millions of people displaced. Storm surges topped 12 feet causing at least a dozen deaths, flooding homes and closing off roadways. At last count, 1.2 million are without power in South Florida.

Search and rescue efforts continue by land and air as essential workers are racing to get to those who are injured, lost, or in need of critical care.

Friends of Hope is working with the Florida Disaster Relief Fund to direct the disbursement of resources to anyone in need. For the millions of Floridians stuck in the storm without electricity, this aid is urgent and vital.

Please help us to reach those who’ve been stricken by this catastrophic disaster by donating. Any contribution is essential and greatly appreciated. We stand with our partners and those impacted by the hurricane as we mobilize our efforts. Thank you for your support.

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