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Cuba’s economy is one of the most restricted in the world. Cuba ranks 177th out of 178 countries surveyed for economic freedom, placing it just above North Korea in the international listing. Restrictive property rights, rampant corruption, limited enforcement of law, and extensive government regulation hinder economic development. 6% of youth ages 15-24 are unemployed, and 2% of the total population is unemployed. The tension between loosening the current socialist economic system and the government’s desire for political control over the economy has plagued Cuba for years.

Strict government controls and the lack of published data make it difficult to discern how much of the Cuban population is living in poverty. Friends of Hope Estimates that the percentage could be anywhere from 5-26% of the nation. The invasion of the government into every area of citizens’ lives makes it nearly impossible for them to invest or create more wealth beyond what is needed day-to-day. Many families suffer from shortages of various commodities at some point or another.

Roughly 60% of Cuba’s agricultural land is negatively impacted by soil degradation, and water and air quality have declined in recent years. Cuba has begun to create new climate change policies, including the construction of reservoirs to help decrease water shortages. Cuba is also vulnerable to hurricanes.

Experts have determined that the capital of Havana needs 300,000 housing units in order to meet demand. Thus, with Cuba experiencing an average rate of 4.1 people per living space continues to reinforce the trend of overcrowding. Therefore, official homelessness rates may be low in Cuba, but the quality of Cuban housing can often be below ideal living standards and is often unsafe.


There is still a very real housing crisis involving the quantity and quality of Cuba’s housing. Fortunately, Friends of Hope is working to alleviate this crisis. Friends of Hope sent workers and aid to Cuba in the wake of Hurricane Sandy in 2012 to assist with rebuilding and maintaining residential homes, 50,000 of which had undergone damage, affecting over 200,000 people.

Friends of Hope also works in Cuba to help farmers facing the effects of climate change to restore lands and crops, oversee quality of life and safe water programs in vulnerable communities, and works on sustainable agriculture in selected cities and towns.

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