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With a total population of roughly 3.6 million, Panama is one of the smallest countries in the Americas. At present, it is characterized by one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Revenue from the Panama Canal, which has been under Panamanian control since the year 2000, accounts for a major portion of Panama's Gross Domestic Product.

Despite economic progress in Panama, the phenomenon of child labor has not yet disappeared. Within the last 10 years, the number of children aged 5-14 engaged in labor activities has increased. Children who live in rural or indigenous communities outside the capital are most affected. Around half of these children do not go to school because they have to work during school hours. Tuition fees and indirect costs such as school books, uniforms and school supplies often make schooling inaccessible for under pressured families.

In Panama City, young kids from underprivileged families often form part of street gangs in notorious neighborhoods like El Chorrillo or Curundú. By entering the gang, they often enter a never-ending vicious circle. Drug abuse, sexual harassment, violence and homicide quickly become part of their everyday life. Due to non-existent family structures, leaving the gang is often not an option. Commercial sexual exploitation of children as a consequence of poverty has also become a growing problem in Panama.


We support children and young people by providing day-care, education, vocational training, playgrounds and sports facilities.

Every day, children in panama of every age become orphaned or abandoned due to violence, natural disasters, poverty or disease. Without your support, the outlook for these children is bleak.

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