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Crisis in Texas

Crisis in Texas, help now

Crisis in Texas, help now

To donate by check, please make checks payable to
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Friends of Hope
PO Box 451513
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This week, freezing temperatures and massive snowfall beset swaths of the United States, including areas where such weather is uncharacteristic. Without the infrastructure in place for phenomena like these, said regions face tremendous danger. This particular episode sees Texas in the throes of a major crisis. Since Monday night, much of Texas—one of the only states with an independent energy grid—has gone without power. Millions of stateside homes continue to lack electricity and heat through the ongoing polar vortex.

In absence of due protection from the government agencies responsible for such matters, independent organizations work to keep the people of Texas safe in this time of need. Below are a few resources currently expending effort toward this challenge; some focus their energies on the unhoused, and further still on pets.

Friends of Hope

One simple and straightforward way to help those in need is by donating to Friends of Hope. In spring 2020, Friends of Hope helped keep their neighbors safe and fed amid the swelling COVID-19 pandemic.

Please donate to the victims of the Crisis in Texas.

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